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Fitterfirst Physio/Aerobic…
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The Fitterfirst Physio Toner has been the favourite for trainers, therapist and rehabilitation professionals for years. Made with high quality resistance tubing and easy-grip handles, Physio Toners can be used to increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

Fitterfirst Soft Boards

A Harmony Between Balance Boards and Floating on Air

SRF Board
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The Fitterfirst SRF Board is an excellent tool for developing rotational stability and strength in both the hip and shoulder joints, as well as in the spine, knees, ankles and elbows. Used extensively as a rehabilitation tool, the SRF board is also an exceptional cross-training machine for dancers and gymnasts. Resistance cords can be added from either end to assist or resist the forces of gravity. � Maximize functional core and leg strength and stability� Rotational discs allow for dynamic, friction-free movement while decreasing torque on the joint� Improve proprioception and reduce risk of injury


Target and Tone Your Core


The VARIDESK Pro Plus Series is the most popular of the VARIDESK models. The multi-tiered desk has a top display shelf with plenty of space for monitors and paperwork, while the lower deck fits your mouse and keyboard, along with coffee cups, cell phones and more. The lower keyboard deck lifts with the display surface, and is in a fixed position.

Lifeline Power Wheel

An Extreme Core Challenge

Fitterfirst PVC Medicine…
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Durable, Multi-Purpose Heavy Balls

CanDo Band Loop
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These pre-made exercise band loops come in a pack of 10. Loops are 3" wide & 10" long

MySp1ke Cushion

The MySp1ke  cushion  is the most  comfortable, healthy seating  solution for your derriere that actually makes sense. Why sit on a cushion that will eventually deform under your weight, build up heat making you sweat, limit your movement, and cause discomfort by providing no support where your body really needs it? What do you think that compressed flat cushion does for your body's proper  circulation ? We have found these problems in every cushion on the market today and what they are all missing is the structural science patented by Sp1ke technology.   A cushioning technology designed starting from the human body outwards. The Sp1ke architecture is 10 years of development into a product that your body interacts with on extended periods of time, everyday, that has remained unchanged for decades. Our super light-weight cushion with minimal contact points is mostly just air, creating a floating and uniquely supportive experience that works for any body type. Sp1ke rewards your movement, as the nubs are des...

CanDo Band Dispenser…
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High-quality CanDo® resistive exercise bands have been used in clinics for rehabilitation, conditioning and training since 1987. These bands are lightweight and durable and can be used for a wide range of upper and lower body exercises. These boxes contain fourty 5� wide CanDo® bands come pre-packaged in 4� standardized lengths for convenience. �Uses traditional Thera-band® colour sequence �Available in 5 different resistances, from extra light to extra heavy �Product contains latex

Lifeline Door Anchor
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Door anchors are an essential part of any cable system. By anchoring to something other than your body, you can change the angle of resistance and drastically increase the number of exercises you can perform with your fitness cables. The new non-wear cable pocket reduces wear and tear on cables by 11% over the standard model. Up to 350lbs resistance

Backjoy SitSmart Posture…

Advanced Corrective Posture Technology

Yantra Mat

8200 Acupressure Points, One Peaceful You

Classic Power-Web
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This extra-light Power-Web is made for injury prevention and rehabilitation of the hands, fingers, wrists and forearms, and enables you to strengthen and increase mobility in these areas. Benefit from adding resistance to a full range of motion, including, flexion, extention and opposition. � Adjustable resistance depending on hand positioning. � Lightest resistance available for beginner rehabilitation or training� Power Web is most diverse tool for hand, wrist and forearm exercise