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Lifeline Pull-Up Revolution

Master Advanced Pull-Up Variations with Ease

Airex Atlas Mat
319.95 287.95

Durable and Functional for Gym Environments

Focal Mogo

The Human Kickstand

Cover for Swopper Back

Designed and produced by aeris GmbH. Photos: aeris.

Jacknobber II

Effectively Relieves Pressure Points

Fitterfirst Multi-Active…
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Fun balance training tools. Arrange in patterns on the floor, then balance from pod to pod. Place flat side down for less challenge or rounded side down for greater challenge. Sold in a set of 6. Colors may vary.

Fitterfirst Balance…
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The Fitterfirst Balance Board Kits are collections of our most popular balance boards. All boards are made from high-quality birch plywood and have a non-slip standing surface. Balance Board Kits are perfectly suited for clinical or fitness facility use. � WBK includes: WB16, WB20 and RB20� WBKP includes: WB16, WB20, RB20, WB11 and COMBO� All kits come with a wooden five-board stand


Increase Range of Motion and Strength

TRX Home

Suspension Trainer

The Knotty Tiger

Relieve Pain & Sore Muscles

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The CoreStretch creates a wider stretch than is possible by conventional means by elongating the back during stretch. Instead curving your back and creating pressure points, you�ll feel smooth extension throughout your muscles, tendons and ligaments. The CoreStretch can be used in rehabilitation, to prepare or recover from a sporting event or even to stay loose and active in the office place. � Enables you to stretch your back, shoulders, hips and legs� Adjustable length for different heights and various stretches� Lightweight, durable and very portableCaution: Should not be used with acute back problems.

Active Office Board

Adjustable Standing Platform

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RangeRoller� is the perfect solution when you need a massage therapy tool that targets trigger points and knots. This innovative massage therapy tool provides exclusive Trigger Treads� which allow users to experience a deep massage on both inner- and outer-layers of their muscles and tissues, dramatically reducing muscle pain. Massaging with RangeRoller provides both immediate relief as well as long-term healing as it increases the circulation in the body, relieves painful knots, warms the muscles, and can even eliminate scar tissue. Pro 16″ � Some knots and muscle stiffness need a deeper massage. The Pro delivers the user the deepest muscle penetration and the firmest massage available from RangeRoller. Original 19″ � This massage therapy tool is perfect for all over massage. Medium stiffness provides a great all-around massage and the 19� length makes it easy to take with you wherever you need to go. XL 25″ � With ultimate flexibility and a longer size, the RangeRoller XL is perfect for relieving muscle ...