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Classic Exercise Ball…

High quality, Burst resistance exercise ball suitable for use at home, office or gym. Made in Germany for Fitterfirst

Backjoy SitSmart Relief
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Don't Spend Another Moment in Pain!

DR Hoy's Pain Relief…

         NATURAL PAIN RELIEF GEL                    DOCTOR HOY S Natural Pain Relief Gel provides a powerful blend of cool and warm sensation. Witch Hazel draws the ingredients in while the Timed Release Menthol allows relief to last several hours. Arnica Montana aggressively targets inflammation to help ease pain quickly. Adjust the dose to match your level of pain. Layering the Gel, allowing a few minutes between applications, will increase strength and promote longer lasting relief. While results may vary based on tissue density and amount of Gel applied, most users experience 2-5 hours of pain relief. Our high-quality ingredients are non-toxic and paraben free. DOCTOR HOY S is safe and effective for repeated use, has a vanishing scent, and contains no oils which means no staining. WHY DOCTOR HOY S WORKS! TIMED RELEASE MENTHOL-HOURS OF RELIEFWATER BASED-NO OILS OR RESIDUE COLD PROCESS MANUFACTURINGCOOL TO WARM SENSATIONABSORBS QUICKLYpH BALANCED<...